Coordination Services.

Our Trustmark accredited Coordinators will project manage your installation in accordance with the PAS2035:2019 guidelines. We provide a professional and efficient coordination service, liaising with property owners, Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Installers to ensure a smooth journey from the start to the end of an installation project.

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What does a Retrofit Coordinator do?

Our approachable and knowledgeable Retrofit Coordinators are there to support and assist both the property owner and Retrofit Installer with their project.

The Coordinator will create a Medium-Term Improvement Plan for each property using data provided by the Retrofit Assessor along with assessments and install designs from the installer.

The Coordinator is central to the Retrofit journey, fulfilling the role of overall project manager.


Using the Core Logic PAS Hub, installers are able to instruct our Retrofit Coordinators by simply passing jobs across to us via this platform. Our Coordinators will work closely with all parties involved to project manage the installation and ensure a smooth journey for all involved.

When might you need a Retrofit Coordinator?

You will need a Retrofit Coordinator if:

  • If you are a Retrofit installer working in accordance with PAS 2035:2019.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about how we can support you and your business with our inhouse coordination service. 

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