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Are you looking at building a new property or converting an existing building into a residential dwelling? If so, you will need a SAP Energy Performance Certificate. This desk-based assessment is completed by an On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor who uses the architect plans to calculate the EPC score for the new dwelling.

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What is a SAP Energy Performance Certificate?

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) was introduced as a way to assess the energy performance of new build dwellings on a scale of A to G. Any property constructed after April 2008 will require a SAP EPC. It is recommended that the SAP calculations are completed at design stage. However, they can be calculated once the build has been completed. A SAP calculation indicates the projected energy costs of the property, demonstrates compliance with Part L of building regulations and produces an EPC which is lodged on the central Government Register.

What does a SAP EPC involve?

An On Construction DEA will consider elements of the build such as structure, insulation, ventilation, heating efficiency, heating controls, lighting and renewable technologies to calculate the energy cost and CO2 emissions. A dwelling emission rate is then produced and compared with the building regulations target emission rate. Our fully accredited OCDEA will work closely with you to help achieve the best energy score for your new property or conversion.

When might you need a SAP EPC?

You will need a SAP EPC if:

  • You are building a new residential dwelling.
  • You are dividing an existing residential dwelling into more units.
  • You are converting a commercial premises into a residential property.
  • You are adding an extension on to an existing residential property, and the glazing area is in excess of 25% of the total floor area of the extension.
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